5 Tips to Rock Your Digital Marketing Presence

Delivering world class content for customers from Australia to the US allows us the opportunity to see the effectiveness of numerous content plans and ideas. Based on our experience we have put together 5 Tips to Rock Your Digital Marketing Presence. Enjoy.

Be in the moment.

In the moment.

Take a look at your personal news-feed on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. You may notice that the most popular posts from your nearest and dearest are created in the moment. These are live experiences, happening right now. Brands can quickly create posts that are current and real by tapping into that consciousness. We are not saying to use just anything. It’s important to ensure that the content you are putting out there is real, of quality, and alive. Don’t overthink it. Overproduction can kill a genuine post.

Observe the world.

Watch the world

How are people in your industry varying content for different geographical markets? It’s likely there are ways of connecting that are more successful in each particular region. Combining elements you currently use with techniques used by other global businesses has the potential to dominate your own particular patch of this planet.

Be funny.


Cartoons are one of the most engaging styles of posting that a brand can utilize. What ways can you add humor to your content that will engage your audience? Clearly there is a line. You will want to ensure you’re staying politically correct and safe. That being said, if there’s something you find universally acceptable which also brings a smile, you can make a difference by building it into your brand’s content schedule.

Take a moment.


Step back and have a look through google analytics to see what days your website receives the most hits. Maybe there’s a day your Facebook presence produced the highest reach. Look at the things you were doing then and decide how to replicate the essence on those dates, making it consistent across your overall content production schedule.

Don’t go on autopilot.


I see many articles advising readers to automate. I disagree to an extent. This includes all auto-messaging on Twitter/Facebook/Blog. It’s not worth it to automate messages that were meant to be your unique voice to the world. You simply cannot create a pre-programmed experience for others that will still be valid days after you created it. I truly believe that automation and scalability are important for all businesses, but not for content going out to your audience. Your customers deserve more than that.

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