6 of the Best Online Advertising Strategies for a Business Right Now

PDG Advertising, being a digital marketing agency in Northern Ireland, gets the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. While working with over 500,000 email addresses from customers across the world, and maximizing the potential of Facebook and Google ads budgets of tens of thousands of pounds per month… we have picked up a few things.

Email Capture

Yes, it’s still in vogue, decades after its first adoption into the public consciousness. The real way to build a connection base within your own walls is email capture. It’s better than chat, it’s better than phone numbers and it’s better than using another platform (such as Facebook’s audience). Building your own contact database is an important thing. We still use and need email addresses, so there’s no better way!

Facebook Ads

How do I build my contact database? Well, if you want quick, new traffic, then Facebook ads are the way forward. Learning how to use this platform is a really good idea because in the future, just as it did with Instagram, Facebook will open up ads on Whatsapp and whatever platforms it acquires next. It’s only a matter of time.


With the advent of TikTok and the absolute dominance of YouTube, it’s time, if you haven’t already, to take video seriously. It’s time to put you, your product and your brand in front of the camera. Any video that’s relevant to your brand can deliver incredible results on the advert platforms.

Standing Out

Be a little bit different. It’s time to stand out. We are completely bombarded by distractions and notifications, and if you can’t stand out… you won’t stand out. Doing something that resonates with your audience and is a bit wacky does not hurt in 2020.


You know when you are on Amazon looking up shoes, and then those shoes and hundreds of similar variations start to follow you around the internet? That’s retargeting… and businesses do it because it WORKS. It has been said that it takes someone seeing your product 7 times before they will consider making a buying decision. It’s time to get in front of people more often.


Knowing your customer in 2020 is crucial to your success. If you aren’t tracking, learning and understanding your customer’s patterns and behaviours, then you are losing, and your competitor is gaining. Understanding your best lead sources or revenue sources is THE game in 2020 and beyond.


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