Better Facebook Advertising for Your Business

How can you create a better Facebook Advertising environment for your business?

In Belfast, we can see that people LOVE using digital advertising to advance their business’ reach.


Facebook is one of the best ways to do that!


Know your objective.

Maybe you want to get in front of as many people as possible. Perhaps you want to generate sales. How about getting back in front of people who have interacted with your business? Knowing your objective will help you choose the objective of your adverts on Facebook. There are about 30 Facebook advertising objectives, from conversion-based objectives to reach and frequency-based objectives, so understanding the action you want your customers to take is crucial in choosing the right objective on Facebook.


Start small.

There is no point in blowing all of your budget in one go, so start small on Facebook adverts. Test out a few interest groups, a few demographics, and see what group responds best to your adverts, then start to scale up. What is small? What about £30/$35 per day? Test and analyze, looking for things like low CPM, low CPC and high CTR. Remember that rarely anyone hits gold on the first hole they dig.


Create a relevant advert.

Adverts are pretty easy. We have seen a single word grab enough attention to gain conversions on adverts. Just create a few advert creatives on your first couple of days testing, and then figure out from that what works best and evolve them into better adverts over time.


Include a call to action.

So many times, we see adverts that don’t actually tell the user what to do. Click here, download now, call today—all of those mental cues are great for increasing the effectiveness of your adverts.


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