Choosing A Marketing Agency In Belfast

As a marketing agency in Belfast, PDG Advertising are constantly looking for ways to add value to our clients. Here are some tips in choosing a marketing agency in Belfast for you.

How do I choose a marketing agency in Belfast?

Think about your goals.

This is crucial in any business decision, and it’s at the front of our minds at PDG Advertising for you when you are thinking about choosing your marketing agency.

What do you want to achieve? Some agencies are good at web development, some at Facebook ads, some at PR. What are the things you actually want to do? Do you want to increase footfall? Visibility of your brand? Gain emails? Make sales?

Have an idea where you want to go, and the journey with any digital agency will be a lot easier.

Do your research.

Checking up on the business, their financial details, their online reviews, and their key people will all make a difference when you meet the business in person. Marketing agencies, in general, will have a higher level of ability in their ability to present themselves, but under the surface, there could be a trail of unhappy customers and unpaid suppliers.

Think about money.

How much do you want to spend? We have heard that 14%–25% of revenue should be spent on marketing. While that marketing budget isn’t an exact science, from what we see in our client roster, that’s the norm for successful companies that want to grow. Being clear about how much you want to spend will help when you come to the question of how much you can spend on ads and an agency’s labour fees or commission.

Understand how the agency charges.

Some agencies charge a commission on your ad spend, some charge a retainer and some charge an hourly rate. We at PDG charge an hourly rate. We review it monthly and agree on it in advance so there are no surprises.

Would you like working with these people?

Marketing is a BIG part of any business, and we at PDG believe that it should be FUN. Making sure you like the people you are going to be working with is very important.


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