Choosing The Best Hashtags for Instagram

At we work with a number of customers on their Instagram posting strategy and I wanted to share some tips and tricks for finding the best hashtags for Instagram.

Know your end result.

If you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing, then unless you are incredibly lucky, then you WILL fail. The way to make sure, in any marketing project or even in live, to know your end result is to create goals, proper goals. Your goals should be exactly what you want and you should be able to work back from that in every business task you undertake.

Find out what hashtags industry leaders are using.

Yeah, that sounds about right, but how? First thing to do is take a look at the industry you are in, and see what the most popular people in it are using in terms of hashtags, I can guarantee that it will be eye opening.

Let’s look at coaching…

To find a great post and subsequently an influencer account it took like two minutes searching for the word “Life Coach” then we found the top posts using the hashtag #lifecoach.

This post right here by @therealbrendavilla is a great example of a post with a stunning picture, and then when we look below we can see the hashtags this account is using…

So this is exactly what you can do to find out some new hashtags for you to use.

Learn the trending hashtags in your niche.

You can actually pretty much do this by just going to the search bar on Instagram but you can find extra structured data on the tags in Instagram by using the tool

I particularly love the “Use these hashtags to get seen now” title, excellent!


Test it out.

Although there are a hundred different tools and ways to uncover new keywords, one of the best ways in my opinion is to test, test and test some more for the best hashtags in your universe.

No-one knows your business like you and the value you bring to the world so it might be an idea to play around with the hashtags, combine ones that influencers are using and some of your own and see what results you get in terms of followers & exposure.

Thanks for reading and if you have any thoughts on the above article I would love to hear them in the comments below.


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  1. Enhance content creation. Influencers have a way of making your brands look interesting and engaging in the simple words and action. You’re not selling the product but your showing it’s value when influencers are using it in their day to day activities. People tend to appreciate it more because they see the product or service filling an actual person’s need, not as something that they are being pushed to buy in the nearest shopping mall.

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