Developing an Incredible Customer Experience

How can you develop an incredible customer experience?


Business is won and lost through how you treat the customer. There are several areas in which your business can interact with people in a better way to deliver a higher customer experience.



You only get 15 seconds, if that, to introduce yourself. Creating incredible, show-stopping adverts is the best way to get in front of potential customers. Making sure these adverts hit the core of the customer’s wants is key to getting that first interaction right. A Facebook advert that connects with a customer’s wants immediately, in an appealing way, is the best first step to delivering a lasting relationship.


Ease of use

It’s important to make interaction with your customer easy. If you intrigue them with an excellent advert and get them to your website, make sure the website is easy to use. No one wants a website that doesn’t do what it says it will, and no one wants a website that doesn’t work. Make sure you have clear calls-to-action and clear pathways to the information the customer needs. Constant feedback-gathering from the website and asking your customers what they think is key to ensuring a great experience on your website.



It’s one thing to write a book. It’s quite another to write a book that someone wants to read. The way to create a great experience with your brand is to be engaging. Be passionate about your subject and let that shine into every interaction you have. Increase the level of engagement on your website by having videos, blog posts, social media links, online surveys—whatever gets your point across in an engaging way.



When emailing these days, you can put the person’s name into the subject line, their address into the body of the email and, if you have it, their dog’s name in the footer! Getting personal with the user is the future online. Making things familiar and special to customers is an excellent way to improve the overall customer experience.



Do not be robotic. In a world full of AI and Bots, let’s hold on to the last threads of human contact. Actually listening to the other person and helpfully answering their question is a great way to increase the experience of the customer. We are in an increasingly isolated world, and it’s always better to provide service with a smile.


When things go wrong.

Things go wrong. You are going to mess up. Few customers will mind if you do your absolute best to make it up with the customers that you have wronged! Moreover, if they still have a problem after you have done everything in your power to make it up, then you didn’t want them in the first place—some people are just crazy.


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