Digital Advertising News – 19th September 2018

Well, it’s day 121 in PDG Advertising, storm Ali is roughing up Belfast and all is generally well, what better time to create a blog post about the what’s happening and where in digital advertising today.

Check out some of the hot news stories online right now:

10 things every SaaS founder (and everyone) needs to know about Facebook Ads.

This is an excellent article from Aaron Zakoski on the things that you need to know if you are going to dabble in Facebook adverts. I think one of the most important points here is the “Create ads that don’t look like ads” like the one below.


10 Google Analytics Strategies To Double Adwords Profits

Google ads is a must have for any business…here are some advanced items that will enhance your targeting to the next level.

Six examples of effective PPC and SEO campaigns

Check out this pretty incredible article on six examples of effective PPC and SEO campaigns.


So there you have it, some excellent articles to mull over in order to enhance your next advertising campaign.

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