Digital Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Things are always easier if you can break them down into small progressive steps. So, we’re bringing you our 5 steps to easy digital marketing.

Step 1.

Know your customer.

Get to know your customer or ideal customer. Understand what they are about, what they like and don’t like, and what their pain points are. What bothers them about the current method they are using to satisfy the need for the product you have? Additionally, find out where they hang out online, what social networks they use, and what technology they like to be communicated on.

Step 2.

Understand what they need.

Start speaking to your customers about your product, and what they like and don’t like. Write down some things about those conversations: what the customers like about their current solution, what they don’t like, and how your products can help. Don’t worry so much about selling in those conversations—you are more in fact-finding mode.

Step 3.

Create something.

When you know your customers, where they are and what online networks they are on, create some copies and a few pieces of images. How well you do this depends on how far you are on in your journey. If you are a one-man-band, create the copy yourself and use something like Canva to create some adverts for your business, using the information on the pain points and solutions you have for customers that you have been speaking to. If you are a bigger company, ask your marketing department or team to do the same; they will use some more sophisticated tools but the results will be the same.

Step 4.

Get out there to a bigger audience.

Start pushing these creatives to online networks like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram, Social Networks, and Linkedin. Create emails with the content and sent them out to your audience. Adapt each piece of content for the medium: Instagram will be more visually focused, while Linkedin and Facebook will be a tad more text-focused. Be conservative on spending for the first month while you work this out (maybe spending, at most, £30 per day).

Step 5.

Review your results.

How many people saw your content? How many people engaged with it? Did your website get any hits? Did you get any messages about the content you posted? Which piece of content over the month resonated the most with the audience? When you know that, you can double down on what’s working and create more content and ads like that.


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