Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

What makes up an incredible digital marketing strategy for your business?


Do you know your goals from your tactics? Well, if you are in business, you should! It’s time to work on creating a digital marketing strategy plan for your business efforts. You can get started with our pointers below!



This should be the first point in every strategy. Before you put pen to paper, go out and ask the marketplace and your customers what they want. Understand your customers and deliver value to their world. Don’t tell people what they want or need, ask them. Listen to your competitors and similar companies to your proposed business, find out what’s going on in the area. Listening is the first step to a winning digital marketing strategy.



Know your goal. It’s inappropriate to start any kind of execution without knowing what your goal is. Don’t do it! Instead, take some time and look at what you want to achieve across the course of the next three months. The odd thing about goals is that when you set them, more often than not, you actually achieve them. Some example goals are sales, customers, reach, and awareness. Each of these should all add value to your business overall.



What platforms will you use? This depends 100% on the type of customers you are trying to attract. If you are trying to attract 50-70-year-old customers, I can guarantee you that as of April 2020, they are not on TikTok yet. If you want to get in front of 15-21-year-old dance music fans, I can guarantee you that they are not on Linkedin—well, not all of them anyway. Take some time to understand your customer and where they hang out online so that you can use the most appropriate ad platforms.

Here is a head start on that: At the moment, a combination of Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and email marketing is a winner.



No one gets it right on the first go, so it’s time to test out your approach. Think about every single thing you have ever done in your life: Have you been good at it initially? NO! You sucked at walking when you first tried it, never mind talking! So it’s time to test these things: Audiences, Ad Platforms and Creatives. This will help you find out what works out.



When you test, you need to have a place to analyze your results. At PDG we create a weekly reporting dashboard for ALL of our customers. It looks at some key metrics, including these universal ones:

Emails – Are you gathering more than last week?

Traffic – Are you driving more traffic than last week?

New Traffic vs Returning – Is your customer base increasing or just revolving?

Reviews – How many reviews did you get this week?

Sales – Are you growing or not?


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