Does your contact form work?

Are you missing out on sales opportunities because your contact us form is poorly designed or developed? Or—even worse—doesn’t work?

If your contact form provides a poor experience online, you are wasting your online advertising efforts.

At PDG, we need suppliers from time to time. Recently, we looked up ten local companies on Google and tried to get in touch with them through their contact forms.

The results are shocking.

3/10 of the contact forms had no SSL certificate.

9/10 of the contact forms had no autoresponder.

2/10 of the contact forms didn’t work.

There was only one supplier that I could say had a strong contact form game. It was easy to find. It was easy to use. And it worked. When I submitted the form, I got an auto message saying they would be back in touch soon.

I would put money on the likelihood of us using the 1/10 supplier that made the process easy and made me feel valued as a user.


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