Facebook Advertising and Artificial Intelligence

It’s amazing that, as a small digital advertising agency in Belfast, PDG Advertising oftentimes find ourselves at the leading edge of technology.

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Did you know that you can build your own Artificial Intelligence for free within Facebook? Well, you can. You can create an automated chat response system using only your Facebook page.

What is an automated chat response?

You can set your Facebook page to instigate a chat message when someone visits it. The chat will start with a welcome to the page. Next, it will prompt a couple of questions.

Then, based on the answers to the questions, you can programme specific responses with the Facebook Messenger system.

How to find this feature

Navigate to your Facebook Business Page.
Then, click “Inbox”.
Next, look for “Automated Messages” and click it.
Follow the instructions on the page.

Why would someone want to do this?

Welcome people to the page.
Anticipate their needs.
Redirect people to the right page on the website.
Gather valuable data.

This is an incredible way to connect with your customers automatically. It could be your first step into artificial intelligence and automation for your business. Either way, it’s really exciting.


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