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In the following blog, you’re going to learn an outstanding way to target Twitter influencers in your niche!

Twitter is a really powerful tool in connecting with your potential customers and like-minded individuals. It’s also incredibly noisy, so targeting and interacting with the right people should be the focus for your business.

Twitter is an extremely powerful platform, but like everything in marketing, it’s all about targeting the right people. You could get 25,000 people following you—and sure, it looks good to those who don’t know to look for engagement—but if they aren’t the right people, what’s the point? Are you ever going to have the impact you want and need?

It’s important to understand the three types of people you SHOULD be targeting on Twitter.

Your Target Audience – These are the people you want to do business with.

Industry Influencers – Goldmines of information on your industry, promoting quality content in real time.

Twitter Power Users – Those who have embraced twitter as their platform of choice and utilise posting methods that get them noticed, likely to share content from influencers in your niche.

So, if you currently have a following, how do you distinguish between these three types within that following? (If you don’t have a following, read anyway—it’s going to be useful for you to be in the know when you are a Twitter all-star.)

To find your Target Audience within your current following, you can search Social Rank and find people based on the words they use. A great example is to do a bio search for “CEO” if you are looking for the top C-Level executives.

To find the Industry Influencers within your following, you can again use Social Rank. I connect my account and search for accounts with over 100K followers. However, for a niche audience, it’s possible that a search for accounts over 1K followers is acceptable.

To find your Power Users, you can use Manageflitter to identify those who post more than 5 times a day. Beware though: some accounts that post more than 5 times per day are actually bots and are auto posting. A quick glance over these should identify a real power user from a bot.

So how do we find NEW people to interact with?

Finding your Target Audience, we recommend a really basic Twitter search. Just click and search for the keywords that people within your target market might use. To use the previous example again: if you are looking for executives, you might want to search for the word “CEO” and then select “People” as your target search group.

Finding Industry Influencers is SO EASY. You can certainly use Twitter search if you like, but there are tons of online tools out there to use to search for influencers within your specific niche. Our favorite way to identify influencers in any niche is to connect up with Klout and use the explore function, which then provides you with “top experts” within your niche.

Finding Power Users. This one is a little more in-depth, as by their very nature, power users aren’t shy folk, and they make themselves known within an industry niche. To us the most interesting way of understanding the Twitter power users within your niche is to monitor a relevant hashtag and look for those posting 5+ times per day. Remember, though, to watch out for those bots!

Okay, so you know what type of Tweeps you want to integrate and make friends with. Now how do you actually go about it?

Step 1 – ORGANIZE.

You can organize each type of person into a private list on Twitter. Create three lists: Target Audience, Industry Influencers and Power Users. Be sure to make them private; if you create a public list, you might let your competitors in on your secret marketing methodology. Also, does anyone really want to be described as a “Target Audience”?

Step 2 – INTERACT.

Here are a few ways you can connect with Target Audience, Industry Influencers and Power Users:

Follow them—hit that follow button.

@Mention them. Actually, the first step is to say a virtual “Hi!”

Direct Message them to open up the line of communication, either letting them know you enjoyed a piece of their content or directing them to a piece of your content and asking for feedback. Make sure to use this method sparingly and genuinely—it’s overrun by spam bots.

Re-tweet their updates. Everyone loves a re-tweet of their content, it’s the way things go viral on the internet. Sharing is caring.

Write about something they tweeted and mention them in the thing you wrote online. Share a positive experience and include your inspiration.

Answer questions from this group, and if you can’t do the answer justice in 140 characters, then write a blog post about it OR direct the user to an already existing blog post.

If your Target Audience, Industry Influencers or Power Users create a blog post, share it, interact with it, give feedback on it; let them know you are interested in what they are doing.

Link to their blog posts, tell them about it, and ask them to share. Link-building is either time consuming or costly if it’s outsourced, so when you link out to someone, chances are they’re going to appreciate it.

When you have built up a three-to-four tweet reciprocal relationship with your target “friend” online, it’s now time for the ask. Why not ask them for a re-tweet of one of your tweets or of your blog post. Imagine what a tweet from a high profile influencer could do to your brand awareness.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. We have more on, and/or if you want a friend to interact with on Twitter, feel free to follow me! You can find me at I look forward to interacting with you on there.

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