Five Awesome, Cost Effective and Profitable Digital Marketing Tools for your Business

There’s a plethora of digital marketing tools at your disposal. It seems that developers across the world unveil new and innovative engagement tools every day. But which ones are right for you? How can you get the best return-on-investment for your digital marketing budget? Which techniques are most effective?

We’ve compiled a list of the five best digital marketing resources–and our perspective on how to use them to maximize profits and ROI.



If you don’t know about SumoMe, you’re in for a treat. SumoMe is a web popup solution that connects with your website and delivers a little popup box during your web visitors’ time on your site. Let’s be honest: we all hate pop ups. But the results from SumoMe are undeniable. Since Peter Doak Global has been using the service, we’ve seen up to 12% sign-up rates from site traffic. To put this in real terms: If 100 visitors land on your site in a day, you can collect up to 12 customer email addresses per day for future re-engagement.

We connected this technology to a customer’s website, created an inoffensive pop up, and ran a parallel engagement email marketing campaign. The results were an increase of £2,000 per month in revenue.



Put simply: Canva is just plain cool. Dimensions and specs for images used on social media vary from platform to platform and based on image type–cover photos, profile photos, content photos, and so on. But with Canva, you don’t have to worry about it. The app will handle resizing for you. It’s like having a graphic design agency at your disposal, and if used correctly, you should be able to leverage it for free.

We have used this technology to create shareable and scalable content that contains the client’s logo and website details overlaid on posted images, increasing web traffic by 2% for their business.


Google Analytics

This is a no-brainer for any website. If you don’t have Google Analytics installed on your site, speak to your web developer or get in touch with us immediately. It’s so important to monitor your site traffic, the quality of that traffic, what people do when they visit your site, and where the people who love your content came from. You can even develop your Google Analytics so that you’re able to assign goals for actions taken. For example, your goal might be to increase clicks on buy now buttons or extend length of time on a page. Google Analytics lets you know how well your website is working for your business and helps you optimize your site to meet your objectives.

We have used this technology to identify websites that drive traffic to our clients’ sites, increase the engagement with those supplier websites, and increase traffic to our clients’ websites to the tune of over £10,000 in additional sales.


User Testing

This is the jewel in your crown when it comes to consumer-facing websites. User testing allows you to look at your digital marketing through the eyes of outside testers focused on user experience. You can hire people on sites like, who will explore your site, record real-time experiences and provide their thoughts as they go through the site. The results can be incredible; you’ll find out what people really think about your site and how you can improve it to meet your business goals.

We have used this approach for all of our clients. We can’t even put an exact figure on the amount it has saved and made for our clients; it’s truly priceless to understand your user’s experience.

Buzz Sumo


If you want to be on the pulse of the latest trends in your industry, this site is right up your alley. It crawls all the content on a given subject and aggregates it in order from most shared to least shared on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This site can be used in two ways: to curate content that would be interesting to your following and/or to view the hottest content in your industry for inclusion in your overall content calendar.

Buzzsumo was actually used to create this article. We looked at what people wanted, based on how much they shared certain digital marketing articles. Delivering value via technology was one of the big ticket items of content around our industry. This is a process you can replicate for your own aims.

Another amazing tool to find what most people in your industry are posting about, NinjaOutreach is an amazing solution. Take them for a trial now and  you’ll see a list of results that you can sort according to number of shares, comments, retweets, domain authority, traffic, and such.
If you want to find the most influential bloggers in your niche, or even other people who’ve written about a certain topic that you’re targeting, you can repeat the same process, then filter the results to show influencers and bloggers.
Get this, after you’ve chosen the leads you’re interested in reaching out to, you can switch to “outreach mode” and send them your message, straight from NinjaOutreach. You can even manage your conversations from there, leave notes, tags, and get automated follow-ups. For massive campaigns, you can use NinjaOutreach too.

Oh yeah, shameless plug: We wanted to pitch our services in this article as well! The above examples are a collection of tools that you can use. But what Peter Doak Global offers is the strategy, implementation and management for a customised package of streamlined processes (including tools like the above) to help our customers reach their goals. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch here.

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