How to get started with Facebook Adverts.

Facebook Adverts


Facebook adverts are amazing at developing new relationships with your business. Worldwide there are over 2 billion monthly active users of Facebook. Putting that into context, there are only 7 billion people on this planet. There isn’t another company that gets in front of more people online. For the sheer ability of being able to get in front of people, Facebook is unrivaled.


In this article I will share some experience in delivering Facebook adverts that generate results. My experience comes with working with a diverse array of businesses from Authors to Big Data Companies to Health Products. Some of our customers at Peter Doak Global lead the way in terms of knowledge of Facebook adverts and some are just starting out.


You can’t eat an Elephant in one sitting.

Your first try, and every try of a Facebook advert is a test. Your adverts must evolve over time. You will learn the ins and outs of online advertising on Facebook but not all at one go. I can’t think of one business that couldn’t benefit from Facebook adverts but I can think of many ways any business can fail at Facebook adverts. The reason for this is complexity, there are literally millions of combinations of Facebook adverts and picking the right one for your business is crucial and not always immediately obvious.


Where in the world?

I have a huge global map in my office and you can literally target the entire world with Facebook adverts or you can zero down into a postcode/zipcode. Understanding where your target market live is absolutely crucial to success on Facebook advertising. There is no point in presenting your adverts to someone in Brazil when you can only sell to people in Glasgow.


Understand the action you want users to take.

What are you? Are you an online ecommerce store? Your path to success on Facebook advertising is wildly different than a local corner shop, although both can be successful. Are you a B2B business that needs email sign ups to generate business through a sophisticated sales funnel with multiple touch points? Or are you a charity wanting to get in front of as many people as possible regarding a current campaign?

Below are examples of the different adverts likely to yield success…

  • E commerce Store – Conversion Adverts.
  • Online Shop – Reach Objective Adverts.
  • B2B Business – Lead adverts OR traffic adverts leading to a signup form.
  • Charity – Reach Objective Adverts.

If the above is confusing, learn on Facebook about the different type of advert objectives you can use:


Play within the rules, and question Facebook if they say you aren’t.

Facebook has rules and guidelines, the rules are pretty clear, the guidelines are not. Getting familiar with these is an important step for any marketer.

The Facebook rules I find are pretty fair and actually help to keep the Facebook environment clean of adult content, black market products, illegal content and regulated content like gambling and alcohol sales. You can find the rules here:

The guidelines are a little more blurred, a great example of one is that adverts with pictures must have less than 20% of text within the picture or it will not be promoted, or be promoted to less people, this is where the Facebook algorithm comes into play.

Just before we talk about the Facebook algorithm, I would say that if your advert does get rejected or disapproved by Facebook, challenge it! You can appeal any Facebook decision by visiting their support channel right here: The question is, is there any point? Yes! As a business we have been able to overturn decisions made on our adverts made in error because of automated disapproval of our adverts. Sometimes it take a human to make the correct decision over an artificial intelligence.


Understand the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook has a system of delivering content out to its network based on a number of factors.

Popularity – If more people engage with an advert or post Facebook deems this popular and will distribute to more people.

Type – Video posts are more engaging than image or text posts so they are distributed to more of the designated audience. As said in the above point, the more text in an image the les it will be distributed.

Decay – The longer a post has been live the less popular it becomes.

There are other factors unknown to the general marketing public but over time you start to get to know what works and what doesn’t for your brand.


Do not give up.

I regularly challenge people to think of an industry that couldn’t gain more exposure through Facebook advertising and to this day not one example has been proven. You will be successful if you understand the platform and take the time and budget required to understand what makes your audience take the action you want them to.


Spend wisely.

Peter Doak Global’s collective customer spend on adverts per year is over £1,000,000, and the advice we have for how much to spend varies. If you are starting out, budget about £500 for a month’s worth of adverts, if this sounds like a lot, think about how much a newspaper advert would cost, or a television advert. Tie your spending back to actions, shop visits, traffic, sales or people reached. Evaluate at every stage how much you are spending and the return you are making on it. Give an advert at least a week and probably two weeks before you evaluate the success/failure of it.


Thank you very much for reading and I look would love to hear your comments below.


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