Getting Started in Digital Advertising

PDG Advertising is a digital advertising agency in Belfast, but this wasn’t always the case. PDG started off in a coffee house in Belfast. We have grown from there into a business that now has three employees and serves businesses across the world.

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We have experienced the journey from getting started in digital advertising first hand.

How do you create an excellent digital advertising environment?

There are two key things to have in place before going near a website or an adverts platform. They are:

Your key messages
An understanding of your target customer

What is our key message?

In order to provide a practical example, why not use our own?

PDG Advertising’s key message is:

Better Adverts, Better Targeting, Better Results.

And that’s it. That’s what we do. It can’t be much clearer than that.

Who are our target customers?

Our target customers are:

Business Owners


Digital Marketers within businesses

Anyone with an advertising budget within an organization

Now what?

You have your key messages together and your target demographic. Next, you start looking at platforms to advertise on, including your website.

Beginner website options include:

When you have a website ready, you can combine your messaging and your target demographic into an advert platform. We like Facebook Ads or Google Ads.


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PDG – Better Adverts, Better Targeting, Better Results.

A digital advertising agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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