Getting Started in Digital Marketing – Part 2, the Software edition.

Are you getting started as a digital marketer? Picture this. Every piece of software you need to run your own digital marketing business all in one place. That’s what I have created for you. Read on digital marketers! Oh, and watch out for the number one method to connect with your audience. Enjoy!

  • Operating System

Digital Marketing Operating System

The operating system I use is Windows 10. It’s logical, fast and a great place to run my business from. In terms of the current version, I don’t see any massive difference from say Windows 7 or Vista. It looks a little more modern and there is greater app integration but really I just use it as a channel to get to the web.

  • Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Digital Marketing

The cockpit of my business, this is the gateway to the internet for me. The number one activity on the internet is searching Google. So, the people who made the greatest search engine are excellently placed to have developed an amazing browser to search the web with.

There is also a great feature called extensions on Google Chrome that you can download from the Chrome web store. A great example of an extension is Grammarly which keeps your text well within sound grammar guidelines.

  • Google Drive.

Google Drive Digital Marketing

Google drive is exceptional. It’s free and it has all the features of the Microsoft suite of products with one distinct advantage, you can access all your documents anywhere with an internet connection.

With Microsoft Office you basically need to have the software downloaded to the computer you are using. There are exceptions like Microsoft One Drive but it’s glitchy and I would rather use something as simple and straightforward as Google Drive.

  • Insightly.

Insightly Digital Marketing

If you, like me, love making lists and making sure you do what you say you will, Insightly is something you should definitely check out. With Insightly you can organise your customer list, task list and prospect list in one place.

This type of organisation has been a real focus point for my business, it allows me to make sure that any tasks I need to do are organised and associated with the correct customer. I also schedule in tasks that require a weekly repeat like creating reporting for customers.

  • Social Networks

Social Media Digital Marketing

It’s hard to be a digital marketer these days without thinking about social networks. I have developed and executed successful plans to introduce businesses to customers and vice versa customers to businesses via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn. Getting familiar with these platforms is a smart move for any upcoming digital marketer. 

Upcoming channels like Snapchat and WhatsApp are next on my roadmap. It’s important to stay on top of upcoming social networks as well, not just social networks, also any site that is popular for potential online marketing opportunities.

  • Third Party Applications

Buffer Digital Marketing

Normally, as a rule, I like to work natively (on the platform itself instead of through a third party app) on any platform I am using but there are a couple of third-party social media management tools that I love to use. is a great one for scheduling content in advance on platforms like Twitter/Facebook and Linkedin. Adespresso is wonderful for split testing Facebook adverts en mass before finding a profitable formula.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp Digital Marketing

Email is still the number one method to interact and connect with your customer. Mailchimp lets you do that in bulk and allows for personalisation within each email as well.

Mailchimp is free for up to 2000 users and reasonably priced after that.

  • Skype

Skype Digital Marketing

I class this one as particularly amazing. If you have a WiFi connection/mobile internet , you can call someone anywhere in the world for free. If you aren’t shy…and as a marketer you shouldn’t be, you can converse on video and you can add other people to the conversation.

  • Freeconferencecall

Conference Call Digital Marketing

So skype is incredible, but it does have its limitations. Not everyone has discovered it and it can be a little bit patchy. If you do need a fallback and you have a mobile network connection you can call for free anywhere in the world.With you can set up a call for free and anyone, anywhere can dial into it.

  • Google Calendar

Google Calendar Digital Marketing

Google calendar is a great tool, again free, that allows you to schedule meetings and invite customers. I even schedule in sleep!

It is more than a calendar, you can even add the tasks and deadlines from your Insightly account.

  • WordPress

Wordpress Digital Marketing

While I couldn’t develop a website from scratch personally, I know my way around WordPress. It’s a great website platform that allows you to create pretty much anything you want on the web. It has functionality called plug-ins that allow you to accelerate your website in really innovative ways, an example is

  • Canva

Canva Digital Marketing

It’s DIY graphic design with Canva. What I find it useful for is developing visual content that fits certain dimensions without really having to think about it. There are quite a few different graphic sizes and design ideas on the platform that will help you, even if you aren’t exactly Picasso.

Wrapping up…

If there was one thing I would say about software, when you are starting out it’s important to keep costs low. When you need something google it and look around for the cheapest alternative. The only time I pay for technology is when I know it’s going to make me a return or save me significant amounts of time.

Thank you for reading. It’s been a fun first year, and having generally documented most of my ups and downs there have been a few that have really stood out as important. One in particular,  was a real game-changer for anyone who has a business and wants to get more sales. If you would like to be one of the first to hear about it add your email in here and I will add you to the list of those to get notification of its availability first.

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