How Often Should My Business Post Online?

Cadence, frequency, content schedule, call it what you will, it’s a big question when thinking about the messaging you are putting out there to the world. Post too little, and you are forgotten; post too often, and you become annoying.

Without information you won’t know the best frequency of posts for your business per day, week, month, or year since each industry is different. Below is the process for assessing the right number for your brand.

Your Content Planning Is Key.

Do you know what you want to convey? If you don’t know yet, it’s time to take a step back and get into some social media content planning. There is nothing as frustrating as making the decision to post your brand every day, week, or month, only to realize you are unprepared.

Understanding the needs of your industry goes a long way toward making social posting decisions. A news outlet’s posting frequency will be much higher than a bank’s, for example.

The amount of relevant content at your disposal is another factor in determining how often you will post. You will be unable to post 4 updates a day if your content plan only allows for 2. Through research you will find a great deal of information available for crafting your brand’s content. This is key to developing your brand’s social posting frequency.

Quality over Quantity.

We advocate well thought out, intelligent posts. One quality update is better than 10 hurried, poorly constructed ones that add little value. The difference between the two is that a great post will add value to your connection’s news feeds, while an uninformative post provides only noise and clutter.

While quality over quantity is important, action over inaction is equally important. While striving for excellence, even if you aren’t 100% sure that your post will add value, it is better to get it out and test it rather have no one see it. Content that sits in your marketing team’s folders isn’t worth the initial effort.

Now that you know what you want to say and have topics, themes, and content types that you want to get out to the world, you’re ready to test them.

Test, Test, and Test Again.

Test it out. There is no perfect blueprint for the optimal amount to post. Each Facebook and Twitter page will be different, so it’s vital that you test different scenarios as you grow. Post 5 times a day and look at the results via analytics. Then post once a day and look at those results. Repeat this process 2-3 times to get a clearer picture.

While there are no posting standards, Twitter and LinkedIn have a higher posting threshold than Facebook, especially its business pages. Five posts per day on Twitter will be much more acceptable than 5 posts per day on Facebook.

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