How To Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

We send a lot of emails at PDG Advertising to a lot of people. At last count, we were sending over a million email marketing messages over the course of a week on behalf of our customers. Mistakes can happen, but they shouldn’t in a professional setting, and it’s time for us to own up!


We have made mistakes, especially in our early life as a digital advertising agency. We have sent out the email to the wrong list, we have sent out emails with the wrong information to the right list, we have messed up the copy, and we have sent out emails with typos, formatting issues, and everything you never, ever want to happen with your professional email marketing programme.


Email marketing is crucial to the life of your business. Even in this world of millennials, Snapchat, and Instagram, email is still the thing we use to confirm our online identity. It’s not dead.


To help make sure you don’t get that sinking feeling when you hit the send button on your email marketing campaign, we’d like to share a few words to the wise:


Check the subject line; make it one to remember.


Check the header/snippet copy, which is often overlooked.


Check the body of the email; spellcheck it externally; consider using


Send a test email; look at the test on both desktop and smartphone.


Get it independently checked by someone else.


Always schedule the campaign, as far in advance as you can.


When we made mistakes in the past, it was because we didn’t take these steps seriously. If—and only if—you go through the above points step by step, you can feel safe in scheduling the email to go out to your customers! Simple.

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