How to Capture (More) Email Addresses For Your Business

We LOVE email marketing—it’s a massive part of what we do. If you want to do email marketing you must find a way to capture email addresses into your business.

So HOW do you collect emails for your business? Read on to find out…

PDG Advertising, being a digital marketing agency in Northern Ireland with over 10 years experience in digital marketing, knows the importance and how-to of getting email addresses of prospects and your customers.

There are likely many ways to capture email addresses from customers and potential customers. Today, we are focusing on the ones that we have found to actually work.

Website Popups

I know, I know: People, including your author, HATE popups. The thing is, we know they work. Say you get 1000 web visitors to your website and you don’t have a popup or data capture system. No one purchases, because they aren’t quite ready to take that step, and you lose their business. With a popup either on a timer or on an exit motion on the website, you COULD have captured some of those 1000 web users.

How many people do we generally see signing up through popups? It depends. We have seen sign-ups as high as 14% and as low as 1% … but anything is better than zero new contacts being captured.

Customer Lists

How many businesses deal with people all day, every day, and don’t take those customers’ emails for marketing purposes? So many new customers of PDG come to us with pristine email lists that have never been used to upsell or turn into new business through referrals and other methods. People just don’t think to utilise the customers they have to gain new ones! It’s time to unlock the potential of these lists for your business.

Facebook Lead Adverts

Facebook lead ads are an incredible way to gain new leads for your business. You set up an advert with the lead objective placed and you can send your offer to customers within minutes. From there, they can effortlessly enter their pre-populated data at the click of a button to your database for follow up. Lead costs can vary from less than $1 to $50 for higher ticket items.


Something I want to caveat all of these methods with is this: Make sure you know your GDPR laws if you are in Europe, or U.S. Privacy Laws in the United States. You can’t just spam people, and to be honest, it’s a terrible way to go anyway. I don’t know anyone who has grown their business by spamming.


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