How to create a great Facebook page.


What makes a great Facebook page for your business?


Facebook pages are vital for advertising on Facebook.

Having a Facebook page is a MUST if you want to advertise on Facebook. Creating a page is easy…it can be done in 5 minutes or less. 


Step 1: Go through the self starting process at:


Facebook has made it simple to create a business page.

Step 2: Make sure to choose a great name for your business. One that is either your business name or relevant to what your business is about.


Your business name is usually your name on a Facebook page.

Step 3: Create a cool profile photo, this one is important. Remember, when you upload it, it’s going to traditionally appear really small in news feeds. Normally, writing is pointless as it never appears in the small version. Unless, you are a really well known brand like Coca-Cola.


Starbucks have a great profile picture…it’s their logo.

Thought: People will visit your Facebook page…but it’s not the thing they see first, the first thing they see will be a little post in their news-feed…remember that.


A great example of a Facebook post from Coca-Cola.

Step 4: Make sure all the information that can be filled in, is filled in. Things like your opening hours, how you started, your business phone number, your business website.


This is the about us page on a Facebook page.

Step 5: Add a cover photo…why not, it’s not going to generate you more sales initially but it’s going to make the page look nice and welcoming! Again, adding text to this is usually a bad idea. Across devices text tends to get squished and squashed. The less time you can spend on this the better, do a professional job, just don’t spend more time on this than say the content you create within the Facebook page.


The ISS uses video on their Facebook page cover…clever.

Step 6: Get posting about your business! This is your new news stand, your new soapbox, your connection to the world. These days, Facebook reach (the amount of people who see your posts is at a record low)



Creating a great Facebook page is the first step to developing your sales funnel on Facebook. It’s a great step to take for your business in 2018.

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