How to deliver first class Facebook adverts.

Would you like to deliver first class Facebook adverts to your audience?



If you, like me, you spend hours scrolling through your Facebook news feed in any average week. You might be looking up pictures of dogs, people getting engaged and if you are really like me you also love Facebook adverts… OK, maybe not.

Like it or not, not one person has EVER gone onto Facebook to look at your advert. Don’t feel bad, they aren’t going onto Facebook to look at any adverts. People hate adverts, they are there to see what’s going on in their circle of friends, that’s it.

Working with businesses all over the world and in many different industries we see a lot of adverts. In order to differentiate a good advert from a bad advert there are a number of pointers…

What makes a great Facebook advert?



Firstly, your goal is to make sure that your advert is impossible to pass over without taking action.

How you do that…

Know what it is that you want to achieve. – If you don’t know what you want to happen by putting this Facebook advert in front of the right person, how will they know?

The right targeting – Ensuring you are targeting the correct people who can buy your product or use your service is crucial. If you want to target young dentists…target young dentists, Facebook allows you to do that.

The right creative – Video is really where it’s at, engaging copy as well is important, those two combined can have an excellent effect on delivering a message to your audience. If you don’t find your advert interesting…don’t send it out there.

The right budget – How much are you going to spend on this advert? Currently we see CPMs (how much it costs to get in front of 1,000 people) on Facebook of less than $2 for Videos and more than $3 for image based adverts.

Instruction – Tell the customer what to do…tell them to click on your website link, tell them to download your free eBook…give them instruction…remember, they are a millisecond away from scrolling right on past your advert.

Understand the Facebook algorithm – Certain factors decrease the deliverability of your adverts across the Facebook platform. Facebook doesn’t like text in images, shares mean more exposure across Facebook. Messenger shares make your content golden, the amount of time people dwell on your posts gives you a boost as well.

Many business owners, and dare I say it, agency owners dont’ understand the things that go into making an amazing Facebook advert…If you can take into consideration the above points, your adverts will be better than most!

Thank you for reading, it means the world to me, I would love to connect with you on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Insta, wherever you hang out, and if we can help you with anything digital advertising related at just go right ahead, visit the homepage and click the link to get started.

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