How to do customer audiences better than 99% of your industry.

The subject line of this post is a big statement…customer audiences are critical to the success of your online advertising campaign.


Can we really teach you to do customer audiences better than 99% of your industry?


YES! Read on…


There are 5 key states of your customer’s journey…

1. People who don’t know you, but might be interested in what you got goin’ on!

2. People who know you but have not connected with you.

3. People who have connected with you but have not purchased from you.

4. People who have purchased from you.

5. People who have purchased from you repeatedly and love your business.


I use the word purchase here a lot…but the same is for, maybe people who have signed up to your cause or similar.


Let’s go into these audiences in a little bit of detail…

1.People who don’t know you.

When targeting people who don’t know you…introduce them to the business, tell them what you do, and why you are amazing, and most importantly of all give them something relevant that adds value to their day. This article might be of value to people who don’t know PDG advertising, reading it might provide a business owner with a sense of authority associated with PDG for the informationheld within.

How to find people, who don’t know you but might be interested in your service? Google ads and Facebook ads. On the Google ads platform you can display adverts to those interested in your services, or you can directly advertise to them when they search google for your services. On Facebook, similarly, through their interests database, you can advertise to people who may be interested in your brand.

2.People who know you but have not connected with you.

People who have read one article, but have not given you a way to contact them again directly, are still a hot audience. Let me let you into a secret, it takes seven views of an advert before someone actually takes an action…so one view isn’t enough.

How do we get in front of those people again? Technology. We pixel the websites with a little bit of code from both Facebook (FB Pixel) and Google (Google Remarketing Tag). When someone visits the website, the pixels collect their data in order to remarket to them in the future. Adding the pixel is pretty easy for someone with back end website experience, or someone willing to look up a guide on google, otherwise it’s a pretty quick, an hour or less job for someone to add both the Google remarketing tag and the Facebook pixel.

What do we send to these people? Adverts of course! Adverts that entice the person to connect in a deeper fashion with your brand,  more than likely providing an email address in return for an offer or similar.

Why are emails important? In 2019 we are still seeing emails dominate direct to purchase campaigns, when you have an email the path to purchase is so so much closer than before you do.

3.People who have connected with you but have not purchased.

These are the guys who you can focus your time on. They are clearly keen and interested in your product, they have handed you over thier data. Done right, the next steps are a simple and easy path to a purchase. Email marketing is key here, a regular, value adding email will eventually garner results. I would suggest here that you employ the 4:1 value to sales ratio, for every 1 sales message there should be 4 bits of value to the audience.

4. People who have purchased.

A LOT of businesses put their feet up here…a lot of businesses stop marketing to their current database. What about loyalty? What about upsells? What about repeat purchases? What about referrrals? What about reviews?

Again email is key here, but additional display retargeting works here as well. The key here is a great offer, and a great value add, after the event of someone purchasing.

5. People who have purchased repeatedly.

These are the gold of advertising because…

a. They will buy again.

b. They will tell their friends.

c. You can create lookalike audiences from these people driving more sales!


It’s time to create audiences for all 5 stages of this customer journey…if you do you can affect their journey positively. If you don’t…someone else will.


We hope you enjoyed this run through of our audience creation runthrough, let us know what you think of these audience suggestions.






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