How to get to 10,000 instagram followers fast

We are often asked how to gain more followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). This article is in direct response to Lewis, one of our valued Instagram followers, who asked how to get to 10,000 Instagram followers fast.

You don’t want fake followers

First, let me clarify something: There are a LOT of services out there that promise a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand or even ten million followers instantly for some form of payment. These services are 100% fake and a terrible idea. Never buy these packages—they will do irreparable damage to your brand and skew your ability to generate genuine followers.

If you are truly interested in gaining 10,000 real followers fast, this article will be of value to you.

An important question

Let me ask the question: Why do you want to get to 10,000 visitors fast? To break it down further: Why 10,000? And why fast? I can probably guess your answers: You associate the idea of 10,000 visitors with success, and you don’t want to hang around forever waiting on that many followers. (Who does?)

If you want to get to 10,000 Instagram followers fast, I would suggest that you stop, and don’t, because to me it’s a misguided path.

Focus on the journey

At PDG Advertising, we are all about the journey, and before I go into the reasons why trying to gain this specific number “fast” is a bad idea, I want to share something really powerful that demonstrates the journey and why it means you don’t need to go so fast.

Alan Watts said that if the point of a piece of music was to get to the end quickest, then the best musicians would be those who played the piece the fastest. It’s the same with dancing; if the point was just to get to the end of a dance routine quickly, it wouldn’t be very entertaining.

If you focus in on a high number and put “fast” beside it, you will:

  • End up treating people like numbers
  • Make content that will likely reflect your need to increase your follower numbers
  • Try to gain followers for the sake of it

What I am saying is that the journey to any number of followers, whether a hundred or a million, is something to take your time over, engaging with relevant connections and growing at a pace that allows you to have quality interactions with those you follow. A hundred engaged followers are better than a million unengaged followers.

A better question

PDG Advertising prides itself on having a quality following, no matter the size. This is what allows us to answer specific questions, such as “How to get to 10,000 Instagram followers fast.”

Maybe we could change the question and answer it accordingly… Let’s ask:

How do you build an engaged following on Instagram?

Focus on making your product or service as good as it can be, and document the journey on Instagram. That’s what we do at PDG Advertising, and the value we get from it is massive.

Some practical tips

Over time, we have noticed certain trends that help with engagement.

  1. Pictures of people and faces get a lot of attention.
  2. Finding the right hashtag can get you in front of new people.
  3. Location tags increase your visibility, especially in stories.
  4. Engaging with other users, sharing their content and tagging them is a way to connect with others.
  5. If you struggle to find content, take a day and just go through it with an open mind to the things you could be posting.


I hope this was of value to you. Thank you to Lewis for his question. I look forward to you guys connecting with us on Instagram here @pdgadvertising.

Speak soon.

– Peter

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