How To Get Tracking And Analytics Right For Your Business

Something that can be crippling for a business is not knowing where your key conversions come from. You work hard driving traffic to your site from multiple sources and are seeing some success, but you can’t scale because you don’t know which platform or effort is driving the sales, sign-ups, or walk-ins.

We absolutely love digital advertising, and with that comes a love of analytics. From Google analytics to Facebook pixels, we have worked hard to understand these platforms and more to map out a successful customer journey.

So how do you get your analytics correct?

PDG Advertising, being a digital advertising agency in Northern Ireland with over 10 years experience in digital marketing, has hundreds of thousands of clicks happening daily on our campaigns and happy customers providing 5-star reviews. As such, it has been really important for us to understand tracking, success and failure metrics for our projects.

Start with the basics.

If you have a website (which you should—who in the 2020s doesn’t have a website?), you need to track how many people come on to your website on a daily basis in order to improve that number.

Then dig deeper.

Begin to look at how traffic is coming to the website and where it is coming from. Some of the main areas that websites get traffic from are: organic search, social media, paid search, paid ads, referrals, emails and other sources.

Finally, analyze the data.

The next step is to find out how each of these traffic sources is performing. What I suggest is that you look at your goals; that is, what did you want people to do when they got to your website? Did you want them to fill in a form? To phone you? To buy something? Connecting up event and goal tracking is a key part of understanding your analytics and using it to make better decisions.

Something to consider: Make sure you think about the user journey. Just because your analytics immediately say that organic search is where you get your traffic or your conversions, doesn’t necessarily mean that that is the whole story. Perhaps a Facebook advert prompted someone to look up your website or business on Google and that attributed a link click from organic.


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