How to make a successful app

Apps are ever-present in the world today. On our Instagram channel, we were asked how to make a successful app by Lewis, one of our valued followers.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most successful apps.


Yes, we are saying it: Tinder is, without a doubt, one of the most successful apps of 2019… and probably has been since 2018.



Uber was a game-changer for the taxi industry. It disrupted the industry and has sparked mass protests, all for—in my opinion—the ability to see where your car is on a map.


Banking Apps

Banking apps are just awesome. You can do practically everything you used to in a branch without going there. The amount of branches closing down is, I believe, directly related to the ability to create a branch in your phone on an app.


Google Maps

When I need to get somewhere, all I need is a dashboard phone holder and Google Maps. Single-function sat navs of the world must be in massive decline, just as road maps were when TomTom came in!

How to make a successful app

The most important thing about an app is that it adds value. If the app doesn’t add value, it is pointless and won’t have any level of success.

Here are our pointers for a great app:

  1. Think it through; Why do people need it, and what will the app do?
  2. Either learn how to create an app on an online course or hire someone to do it for you. You can get a great app developer on
  3. You can learn how to build an app using courses like this one from Stone River eLearning.
  4. Make the app easy to use.
  5. Make sure the app is accessible on both the Google and Apple app stores.
  6. Don’t over-complicate the app.
  7. Remember, you can have a simple version first (Version 1) and then build on it.

Apps are not going away; they are getting better. To make your app stand out, it needs to add value to the user. Simple.


Thanks to Lewis for asking this question.

Speak soon.


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