How to start using digital advertising for your business.

Digital advertising is a phenomenon that is in the process of taking over the world.

We spend more time online today than ever before. The ability to reach people online is higher right now than it ever has been.



However, getting started in online advertising for your business is confusing. How do you know where to start, what to do there and who to listen to?

Where to start

You need to have a place to send people, somewhere to connect you with your customers. You should have a website or some form of web presence. A blog or even a Facebook page is enough to get you started.

Then, you need to get people to that presence, and to do that you will want to take on some form of online advertising.



Take a look at where your customers hang out online.

The majority of people in the world search Google for answers to questions and to find what they want. That’s a great place to start; search marketing on Google.

By the numbers, a high percentage of people in the world are also connected to Facebook’s advertising platform, whether that be by Facebook itself, Instagram or the Facebook ad network. Why not get in front of people by targeting those interested in your products?

What to do on those ad platforms

I don’t think anyone should just create ads straight away. You should, first of all, think about your product the way a customer would.

Spend a little time getting into the mindset of the customer. Think about the things that the customer would like to see and that would entice the customer to your site.



What you put in front of customers matters. If it doesn’t entice them to take an action or make them want your product, then it will get lost in the mix of other people advertising to your target market, so make that advert one that they can’t pass over.

Something that is often missed is a call-to-action. Make sure you tell the customer what to do to get your product, your offer or your consultation.

Who to listen to

Digital advertising is a crowded marketplace and a very young and rapidly changing industry. Therefore, everyone who has an opinion is able to voice that opinion without any real filter.

The people we listen to are the people who can demonstrate results. Even those who say that they focus on results are great. If you can filter through the noise and find those focusing on results, you will find people achieving those results.



Here are a couple of people that I listen to in terms of digital marketing. I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

Gary Vaynerchuk & Aaron Zakowski

I hope you enjoyed this article. We would love to help you get started in online advertising for your business. Just visit and click “Get Started”.

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