Is LinkedIn the best network to target B2B prospects?

When you want to target B2B prospects, a first instinct is usually to consider LinkedIn. Is it really the best place to connect with potential customers?



It’s a platform that has 678 million monthly users…so it’s not a small player in the social network landscape.


Let’s first take a look at what Linkedin is used for…


  • A place to find a job.
  • A place to develop your professional brand.
  • A place to generate new business relationships.
  • A readily available list of business professionals.

The term “A place to find out about new businesses and services.” doesn’t usually feature in the list of reasons why people use LinkedIn. In short, people aren’t going there to buy your services.


And that’s OK.


To know that people aren’t initially on Linkedin to buy what you have to offer is the start of your journey.


Martin Murtagh, a friend of PDG Advertising had this to say:

“To connect effectively on LinkedIn and build great relationships, you need to be visible on the network. Visibility happens when you create an expert profile that is credible and authentic. It needs to be written in a ‘buyer-centric’ way because you want to appeal to the buyer if they come across you. To do this effectively, your profile and the content you post needs to be intriguing, educational, supportive, helpful and ultimately encourage the buyer to take a next action, which is to contact you.”

–  Martin Murtagh, Social Selling Excellence.


LinkedIn can be used most effectively as a platform to either introduce your business or nurture a business relationship.


Here are some activities that we suggest are really well placed on LinkedIn:


1. Need to target a certain decision-making job title…do it on Linkedin.
2. Want to connect with current or prospective customers…do it on Linkedin.
3. Interested in engaging with those who potentially want your product or service…do it on Linkedin.
4. Looking to run adverts to people who may be interested in your product or service…you can do this on LinkedIn.


Remove the expectation that you are the thing people are looking for immediately and you will likely see a better uptake on your value proposition.


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