Monday Morning Memo – What you need to know from last week. 220118

Welcome to the PDG Advertising Monday Morning Memo, what you need to know from the world of digital advertising from last week. Please feel free to share and to comment with what you saw happening in the world of digital advertising from last week.

Facebook overhaul favors friends over news, adverts

Facebook has announced a major change to how its news feed works, giving advertisers and media posts a back seat to what family and friends share on the leading social network.

It could signal trouble for media outlets hungry to pull in readers and advertising revenue, but Facebook says the tweak will result in a healthier experience for users.

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The 6 Best Bidding Strategies for Google Keywords

How much should you put out on the table to start the Google AdWords game? That’s a vital question to answer. Fortunately, Google’s tools make it far less of a crapshoot when you first launch a new campaign or ad group.

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Adverts which use the same music over and over are most effective, scientists find.


Adverts which employ the same piece of music year after year are the most effective at ensuring that people like and remember a brand, a study of brain responses led by scientists at Goldsmiths, University of London has found.

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Facebook Profiles & Pages – What is the difference?

Small business owners would be forgiven for getting confused over how to use Facebook to market their business. With Facebook pages, profiles, groups, not to mention pixels, boosting posts and Ads manager, there is a lot of technical talk floating about.

When I meet a small business owner, often they ask me to explain the difference between a profile and a page.

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12 Design Trends To Integrate Into Your Web Development And Marketing

In the modern world, flawless design and functionality of digital assets – including your website, social media content and marketing materials – is essential to keeping customers engaged.

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Getting things done…How to Accomplish Any Single Task.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or career-minded professional, staying focused could be the greatest challenge to your productivity and success. Between the Internet and daily life, there are countless options for how to spend your time. Plus, today it’s easier and faster to start a business, connect with industry influencers or learn a new skill.

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That was the Monday Morning Memo from PDG Advertising! Let us know in the comments what things you found interesting from the world of digital this week.

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