Monday Morning Memo – What you need to know from last week. 290118

Welcome to the PDG Advertising Monday Morning Memo for Monday the 29th of Jan 2018, what you need to know from the world of digital advertising from last week. Please feel free to share and to comment with what you saw happening in the world of digital advertising from last week.


Inside the murky world of Facebook scams – how fraudsters are using famous faces to con people out of cash

MILLIONS of us don’t think twice about logging-on to Facebook to chat with mates and catch-up with family.

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Google’s pestering ads get ‘mute’ button

Google will now let people “mute” advertisements that encourage them to buy products from websites they have previously visited.

So-called reminder ads track which products people have looked at online and then promote them across the web.

Google said reminder ads were “useful” but said it wanted to give people “more control” over what they see online.

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Google Chastised for PPC Adverts Targeting Addicts

Google decides to restrict PPC adverts that target addicts looking for rehabilitation facilities after exposé in the Sunday Times.

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That was the Monday Morning Memo from PDG Advertising! Let us know in the comments what things you found interesting from the world of digital this week.


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