Need to Knows – Facebook Advertising – Part 1

Part 1

There are a number of incredible opportunities on Facebook for advertising.

A global audience of 3 billion people freely input and upload personal information which is then available to marketers.

The list below encompasses all Facebook advertising options including a title and description. It is important to remember that the types of ads are then distributed throughout the Facebook network via audience targeting options, which will be described further in Part 2 of this article.

Ad Placement – People use Facebook to discover what’s new with their friends, family, and topics they care about. Ads are presented seamlessly along with these stories. This is the case on both desktop and mobile devices.

Boosted Posts – When a post is boosted, there’s a better chance the audience will see it. Create the ad, then boost it on the Facebook business page. Because it is boosted, it will appear higher in audience News Feed. Boost each post from as little as $1 per day.

Promote Your Page – This is a way to present page ads so they will appear in members’ News Feeds and on the right side of the Facebook screen. The goal is to draw more people to “Like” the business page.

Send People to Your Website – Attract more people to a website and increase leads by using link ads. There are 5 elements that make up an effective link ad. When combined, they all work together to engage potential customers.

  1. Image: The images you choose have a huge impact on how people respond to your ads, particularly in the News Feed.
  2. Headline: A good headline grabs attention, but it also tells people exactly what the ad is about.
  3. Text: Tells people a bit more about the link. Make sure to clearly explain what is being promoted.
  4. Call to Action: This button indicates the next step. There are 5 to choose from: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, and Download.
  5. News Feed link description: Tells customers where they’ll arrive when they click on the link and what to expect once they get there.

Increase Conversions on Your Website – The effectiveness of traffic can be tested in terms of conversions. This provides fact-based information leading to targeted action based on the results.

To gain more conversions, choose “Website Conversions” as your advertising objective.

Here are the benefits:

  • Increased conversions: Track and understand conversions (created by a pixel placed on your website), such as: checkouts, registrations, leads, key page views, or items added to a cart.
  • Measurement: Track the number of conversions each individual ad is generating, and use this information to improve ads for more overall website conversions.
  • Ad optimization: Ad delivery and dollars spent for conversions are optimized by combining a conversion pixel with the following bidding option: “Optimize for website conversions.”

Increase Installs of Your App –Each mobile app ad will display in the Facebook Mobile News Feed. It is shown as a sponsored story labeled, ‘Suggested App.’ People can like, comment, share, and most important, install the app with a simple tap.

Desktop app ads are promoted in the News Feed on In addition you can also book ads in the right hand column.

Increase Engagement of Your App – Use mobile app engagement ads to get people to use your app more often.

Reach People Near Your Business – Target a local audience or selected area, whether that means within walking distance or a few miles away.

Raise Attendance at Your Event – Targeted Facebook ads are an ideal way to reach people who are most likely to share and attend your event.

Get People to Claim Your Offer – Bring people to your business by creating an offer they can claim and share with their friends.

Get Video Views – Create video ads that are memorable and help build your brand on Facebook.

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