PDG Advertising – Anthony’s Interview

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing PDG’s first team member, our creative specialist Anthony. Check it out below!


Who are you, and what do you do at PDG?

As a graduate in Design for Visual Communication from the University of Ulster, my strengths lie in my ability to convert design briefs into highly successful communication solutions, whatever the medium. Passionate about keeping abreast of developments in design technology, I have a great understanding of what appeals to an audience and how to communicate effectively with them. Moreover, having worked in design and photography in Belfast, I enjoy putting my skills to good use in my clients’ marketing collateral.

I have worked for PDG Advertising for nearly two years now. My normal day-to-day tasks include design work and creating our client newsletters. One of the perks of working with PDG Advertising is that it’s a profoundly human field. Whether I’m working on data analytics, branding, or social media, I have to get into the habit of empathizing with our customers and clients to foster brand loyalty and make a success of their campaigns.

What’s the best part of your job?

No two days are the same! It doesn’t matter how much I learn; there is always something new waiting to be discovered within the world of marketing. Usually, there are some new tools that I can use to automate my process and make it faster and easier.

Moving into marketing and away from print design was the best move I have ever made. There’s never been a better time to pursue a career in marketing. Thanks to the growth of digital platforms and social media, we have more gadgets and online platforms at our fingertips to market our customers’ products and services.

More than ever, I’m in the habit of putting the customer first!

What have you learned since starting to work at PDG?

I’ve been in marketing for nearly two years, and I’ve learned a lot. However, the one crucial thing I’d like to share is: It’s never about you! And yet, you’re in control.

Confidence and integrity are important aspects of marketing. I’ve been a Digital Marketer for a short time, so I still have a lot to learn, but so far I’ve learned primarily how to deal with online advertising, It might sound easier, but it’s not!

I have also learned the importance of email marketing—how to create client emails using many different platforms while keeping them eye-catching and to the point.

What is important to PDG customers?

At PDG, we know that goal-setting is important for any client, and we know that our customer service goals should be related to our business objectives. Listening to the customers and clients and understanding their needs is KEY within marketing.

Making SMART Goals!

The word SMART is well-known and widely used within PDG. It provides a very simple and yet effective for defining and setting goals. When we compose goals for any campaign, it’s always worthwhile to examine them from the SMART perspective. I believe this breakdown explains what these letters stand for:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Achievable

R = Relevant

T = Timebound.

There is one focus that we have at PDG I believe that makes us stand-out from the crowd and that would be our reports. On a weekly basis we provide each client a breakdown of figures to show growth and also show areas we as a company need to improve, this helps us to make sure our clients succeed in their own customer journey.

Where do you see PDG in 5 years?

This is one question I always ask myself and find hard to answer. After all, five years is a long time, but it always seems to move fast. 

I see PDG Advertising being the best, and I don’t mean just in Northern Ireland. The design part of PDG is my world, and I would love to grow this section and bring on new staff who have the same drive as myself. With so many marketing companies around us, I want to be number one!

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