Selling on Facebook (Without Being a Pest)

Social Media Examiner surveyed 3,270 people for their 2015 Social Media Marketing Report. They found that 96% of businesses used social media, and 92% felt it was crucial in terms of sales and new business.

It is natural to fall prey to fear when asking for sales. You can, without doubt, get over this fear. It’s true that most people don’t tend to push the sales button on their social media feeds…at first. Fear comes with the territory of a responsible business owner who wants to get their message out to the world with integrity.

How do I stay on the right side of my audience?

#1 – Keep to the 1 in 4 rule.

Promote, but don’t over-promote. Only 1 in every 4 social posts on Facebook should be promotional. Let’s face it: it’s all promotional. It’s all sales. Directly asking for a sale, or pressing someone to buy something, should only happen after you have delivered at least three pieces of value-added content.

Providing an inspirational, entertaining flow of content from your brand will engage people and likely motivate them to make that purchase.

#2 – Inspire: be interesting.

It’s important to clarify what you do and what you sell. Businesses that sell televisions don’t just sell a box with moving pictures on it. They sell an improvement to the buyer’s world, delivering instant knowledge and entertainment. Apple doesn’t sell iPhones. Apple sells innovation and a lifestyle. And do you think Disney sells cartoons? They don’t. Disney sells magic.

Discover what makes your product interesting. This will engage your audience and attract more people to your circle of influence.

You aren’t annoying anyone by selling to them. Your target market may actually want your product (shock, horror). By not getting your message out, you actually do them a disservice.

#3 – Add value by educating.

It is powerful to share knowledge that others don’t know. To do this without cost ups the ante further. You can change a person’s mind or help someone believe in themselves as a result of your post. Develop content that improves a person’s day. This creates an environment that lends itself to increasing sales.

#4 – Get over the fear.

You will fail. It may happen over and over again. However, only by trying will you have the opportunity to succeed. At the start of each week, take a moment to plan the posts. When is it best to ask for the sale? Afterward, analyze the results, then determine whether it is necessary to change tactics or build on that strategy.

One thing that stands out in every point above is…

Action Trumps Inaction.

If you don’t know what to do, do something. Try something. Change your immediate reality and make a positive impact on the path to your goals.

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