Welcome to the Services Page of PDG Advertising , a Belfast Based Digital Advertising Agency.

We at PDG Advertising are committed to your success.

It’s really simple for any digital advertising agency to list the things they do, but our service level starts with a question…

We will ask you…“What do you want?”

When we work that question out we take a step back and look at our formula for success for all of our customers…

The Customer Journey…

We do the following:

Get you in front of people who don’t know you.
Ensure people who know you but haven’t connected with you on social media or via email.
Engage people who have connected with you.
Ensure people purchased from you.
Entice people to purchase twice from you.
Gain reccommendations driving word of mouth.

How do we do this? 

First, we look at what you want to do, and then work backwards to understand how to meet that goal.

We then run ads on platforms that your customers are active on. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Google, Email and whatever makes sense for your specific customer.

How do we keep in touch?

We deliver weekly reports with bi-weekly catch ups as standard. You will always have the ear of your account manager for ad hoc requests or if things change…which they do, regularly.

PDG Advertising is a business built on the following three pillars…

Customer Growth

Brand Awareness

Quality of Service

We know, that focusing on these three pillars, that you will get what you want from us.

Start your path to real results now, click get started at the top of this page or email us directly @ and we ill go through your needs personally.

PDG Advertising is a digital advertising agency based in Belfast and we look forward to helping you get to where you need to be.

Find out more about PDG Advertising on our almost daily youtube podcast : The PDG Advertising Podcast