Should I boost a post or create an ad?

It’s a question we at PDG get asked pretty regularly:

“Should I boost posts or should I create a Facebook ad?”

Let’s try to clear this up…

So, what is a boosted post?

A boosted post is an easy way to create an ad that doesn’t take a massive amount of thought and is quick and easy to execute.

However, it is still a Facebook ad, so the boosted post will be held and reported on in the Facebook Ads backend, called Ads Manager.



And what’s a Facebook Ad?

This is an advert that you create in the Facebook Ads Manager platform, a powerful online advertising system that allows you to choose objectives for your ads like sales, engagement, brand awareness, traffic and video views, to mention a few.

Fundamentally, the two do the same thing; That is, you pay to get your message in front of an audience.

The difference, really, is convenience versus power.

Find Facebook Ads Manager here:


Key Points

Boosting posts is convenient.

Understanding and using Facebook Ads Manager is powerful.


Knowing that, here’s what you can do with each:


Quick and easy advert to an audience, made from a social media post.

Facebook Ads Manager:

More audience targeting options.
More objective targeting options, including custom objectives.
Speedy split testing options.
Run multiple—hundreds, if you wanted—campaigns at once.
The flexibility of length and timing of campaigns.
In-depth reporting.


The Verdict: Boost posts for £1 each or a small amount to give it a little kick in the algorithm, but for powerful ads with higher budgets, start to understand and use Facebook Ads Manager.


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