The 2021 PR Posting Checklist

So you have created an epic piece of content… What will you do with it now?

Let’s make sure that it gets to the right people so that everyone can hear about how wonderful your blog post/video is. To help, we’ve put together what we call our PR Posting Checklist.

1. Facebook

Post your content on your Facebook page, and at the very least boost it to people who like your page and their friends, even for 1$/£.

2. LinkedIn Business Page

Post your content on your LinkedIn company page. This is a great place to post. When you do this, click the “Notify Employees” button, even if you only have one. I wouldn’t sponsor my post at this point because, quite frankly, it’s extortionate—£16 for one day. No. I can get at least 16 Mars Bars for that.

3. LinkedIn Personal Page

This is a great place to send out your content on the internet. Top tip: Change up your messaging. I don’t think it makes sense to have the same style of post on your Facebook, Linkedin business page, and Linkedin Profile page, so change it up a little!

4. Tweet

Time to get a-Tweetin’! It’s time to get that content out there to the Twitt-O-Sphere. Here is a top Twitter tip: You can schedule tweets. The Twitter newsfeed goes so fast these days, so why not schedule a few posts about your blog to go out once a day for a few days? More posting, more exposure!

5. Retweet

Why not retweet from your personal account? Get that message out to more people!

6. Insta

Instagram is HOT these days, but you can’t post a link to your post on there. What we at PDG do is create a post and hit up #linkinbio, making sure our bio has a link to the website/blog post. If your customer cares, then they will follow that cookie trail!

7. Insta story

Let’s add a Story!! This couldn’t be easier; take a screenshot of the blog post and get it posted! Even better, do a quick vertical video talking about the blog post.

8. Facebook Story

Why not? You can do it right from Instagram! 💪

9. TikTok

That’s right, we are taking on 2021 by storm… we are DOING A TIKTOK.

10. Email

Let’s get that email list out! We use Mailchimp for our email marketing at PDG. Think about sending out an email to your followers letting them know about your recent blog post, or recent 5 blog posts, if you do a lot of them.

11. Slack your internal team

Do you have a Slack account for your team? If not, then why not? It doesn’t have to be through Slack, but why not send a message to all your team members asking them if they would read/share/comment/like the latest article. Imagine, if you had 100 employees, how you could generate a LOT of buzz around your latest piece of content quickly.

12. Podcast it

Add it to your podcast. Don’t have a podcast yet? Then you need to get one. It’s 2021! AnchorFM is awesome for starting your first podcast.

13. Ask a friend to share

Do you know someone in the industry? If you do, then why not provide them with a link to your content and ask them to share?

14. Get influence!

Is there someone in your industry that is really into the content that you have just put together? Maybe you should ask them to take a look and share if they think it’s good enough. Even if they don’t, perhaps you should ask them what they like and don’t like about it.

15. Medium

Not only is medium a blog in itself, but it’s also a place where blogs connect. Creating a profile and uploading your content to Medium is a great way to get more eyes on your content.



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