The Best Subject Lines For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign


The best things in life are simple, and if you don’t agree with that you can close this page down and read something else. Only joking, I hope even if you don’t agree that you keep reading and let me make my case. To display my reasoning I have chosen some of the most innovative subject lines out there. I hope they are of some value to you. – Peter

“Don’t buy this from Amazon!”

Where we found it: Digital Marketer
What they said about it: This is an old standby, and has worked time and time again. It’s a perfect example of what successful curiosity-based subject should do – generate an emotional reaction without giving away the email’s purpose.

“13 billion emails analyzed [Infographic]”

Where we found it: Digital Marketer
What they said about it: This subject line uses a classic technique, featuring an odd number that stands out to readers in an inbox. And highlighting the content type, an infographic, assures readers that this massive amount of information will be easily digestible.

“Where to Drink Beer Right Now”

Where we found it: Hubspot
What they said about it: Not much but they added a little context, they said that this subject line was sent at around 4:30 on a friday…the perfect time to send an email like this, especially if you are a pub!

“Defense Against the Dark Arts: Advancing Your Career”

Where we found it: Wordstream
What they said about it: If you haven’t read/watched all the Harry Potters then first go do that, second you will miss the relevance of the subject line, but for those who harry potter resounds for them, the open rates can be high for this kind of thing.

“How to win friends and influence people”

Where we found it: Campaign Monitor (Clearly stolen from Dale Carnegie)
What they said about it: There’s an old saying in copy-writing circles that you can’t write a bad headline if it starts with the words ‘How to’. The ‘How to’ subject line formula works so well because it forces you to describe the content of the email in very clear language.

“Do this one thing to earn more each month…😎”

Where we found it:

What they say about it: I have no idea, this landed in my inbox while I was writing this blog post and I thought it was really strong, who wouldn’t want to know just one thing to earn more this month. If you want to know what that one thing is…get in touch with me!

So there you have it, some interesting subject lines to help out with your next email campaign. Hopefully this is helpful, you can start your digital marketing journey over at now.

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