There are SO many different pieces of technology in use at PDG Advertising, we wanted to showcase a few of them. As an advertising agency based in Belfast, with customers all over the world, we need to leverage technology to provide a seamless experience for the user of PDG Advertising.


1. Calendly – Online scheduling app –



Why do we like it?


Calendly is an incredible, and simple piece of online technology. Want to schedule a meeting but don’t want to waste time manually syncing up calendars? Let Calendly do it automatically for you. Just plug in your times that you are generally open to a meeting, send your customer a link and they can select a time suitable to them. You can also ask your meeting attendee a number of questions so you are all clear about the purpose of the meeting.


You can also brand up your meeting link for the professional touch!


Check out our meeting link right here:


2. Zoom – Online meeting app –



Why do we like it?


It’s incredible that in 2020 we can now meet easily online, via video conference, totally free. Zoom facilitates that, it’s easy to sign up and sign in, and also easy to share your link with your meeting attendees when you are ready to schedule a meeting. You can also screen share which is pretty amazing as well. I think it’s marginally better than skype just in terms of the focus that you can have on your meeting without interruption.


Find it here: www.zoom.comĀ 


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