Two Guaranteed Methods to Drive Traffic To Your Website in 2017.

It’s highly likely that you need to drive traffic to your website in order to drive sales for your business. What are the best methods of driving traffic to your website? We have two excellent and speedy ways you can start to generate web traffic below.


Google Adwords – People use Google, FACT.

Google adverts are an effective way to get your message in front of basically any customer…everyone googles.


Have you ever googled a product before you have purchased? How about googling a place before you got there? Yup, everyone googles absolutely everything. We may have blinkers on when it comes to those ad search results at the top, even so they garner results. Getting onto google adwords is a smart choice for initial contact with your business.


There are a LOT of google searches per second, per day, per week, per year.
There are a LOT of google searches per second, per day, per week, per year.


Google has a wealth of people actively searching for products and it’s time for you to get in on the action. You can deliver adverts to people based on their searches or interests. The level of data you get back from your adverts is great including the search terms people used to get to your advert, allowing you to refine your adverts.


I would suggest a three tiered approach…


1. Make an educated guess on the keywords people use to look up your subject.




2. Run the adverts on the google adverts search and display networks.




3. Evaluate the results, remove negative keywords then rinse and repeat.




You can see the results in real time on the google adwords platform. You can also see your paid traffic on your google analytics console. The real proof in the pudding is seeing sales come through as a result of your campaign.


Top tip: Can you combine an offer with your search & display results? 25% off is a great way to increase the clicks you get through this medium. If a discount isn’t for you then maybe a free consultation is the way forward.


You can start your own Adwords campaign right here:


We at PDG can help with your Google adverts requirement, click Get Started to get in touch.


Facebook Advertisements – People are on Facebook, Facebooking.


On a SMartphone


Now I will be the very first to say it, people using Facebook are NOT on Facebook primarily to buy or learn about your services. In fact in terms of where that comes on the list, it’s not even on the list. Why even advertise on Facebook then? Well, because EVERYONE is on Facebook and if not Facebook, on Instagram both of which you can advertise to.


Your main aim on Facebook is to disrupt the eyeline, remember, your target is NOT on Facebook looking for you, think like the guy in the street who needs to stop a passer by, the more interesting your pitch the more likely you are to be successful.


Video is really important when it comes to standing out on Facebook. There is a little thing at play called the Facebook algorithm and to cut a long story short, Video gets a LOT more exposure on Facebook than text or image posts.


My three tiered approach for Facebook advertising is as follows:


Create either Traffic or Conversion Adverts for Your Brand Ensure Good Content.


Conference room


Let your adverts run with a smaller budget to start off, less than £/$20 per day to find out what works.




Evaluate and increase your budget when you see something that is working and delivering sales.


Top tip: When thinking about the audience to display your adverts, really think about the user…if you are trying to gain clicks from people for your dental practice, don’t use dentistry as an interest, that will get you clicks from other dentists. Better to use a more cosmetic based interest, those that are concerned about their appearance.


We at PDG can help with your Facebook adverts requirement, click Get Started to get in touch.


Thank you very much for reading/listening to this blog post. I would be delighted to hear how your advertising is going, let us know in the comments below!

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