Uncover SECRET Influencers for Your Brand Online.

Have you ever wondered how to uncover influencers online? Well, a couple of weeks ago I answered a question on Reddit from a newly appointed social media coordinator for a San Francisco Gastropub…

The question was: Just became the Social Media Director for the gastropub I serve at with little experience. Advice?”. 

My response was: “Why not seek out some people in your area that are hyper-active on social media, people who have more than the standard 400 facebook friends on Facebook, those that get like 20+ likes on Instagram with each post and invite them in for dinner asking them if they would like to share their experience of your business, the food, the atmosphere all those things that make your place really great. A genuine post of someone really enjoying themselves can be worth £5000 in online advertising for sure. 

The asker thanked us as well as responding: I’ll search my current following but how do you suggest I seek out such a person? I’ll definitely be looking to implement something like that.

How exactly do you uncover influencers online? Here are two awesome ways to do just that…


Take your time exploring Instagram pages that are related to your business/location and whose followers align with your target audience. You can simply go to the Explore tab and search by keyword to find potential candidates.

Once you’ve found an interesting account, look at the suggested accounts that appear next to the account’s Follow button.

Make a list of at least 10 accounts you want to target, focusing on ones with a relatively high amount of followers. In a local area over 400 followers is probably high enough to garner significant interest. To reach a national scale, over 10K would be a lowest starting point. The more substantial the account’s follower base, the more successful your campaign is likely to be.

One thing though, don’t look only at the number of followers that an account has, because that doesn’t tell the whole story. Look at the posts’ engagement (the number of likes and comments) and make sure there’s a good balance.


For a local audience like the Gastropub, influencer identification is a little more manual but well worth it.

Belfast Influencers Facebook

Take 10 minutes and look up the most successful Facebook pages in your local area. By the way, this all comes with is a huge creep factor…if you are not OK with that…look away now! 🙈


Then take a look in the comments for those people who engage in the conversation a lot. From there try to pick out 10 people who are in the local area, active on social media and have over 500 Facebook friends.

So there you have it, how to creep on  engage with Facebook & Instagram for influencers!


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