Using Facebook For Business

Facebook is the holy grail of Social Media marketing, for your business you will not find a better more opportunity filled environment where you can gain new customers. Even with Facebook now being a pay to play model, the ability to target right down to very specific target demographics makes it the perfect place to increase your reach across the internet.

  1. Your Facebook Environment – It’s important to get the Facebook page you will be working on set up correctly and professionally. Fatal errors like the wrong category, too much content, low quality pictures of content, arguments all have no place within your Facebook business page. You can create your Facebook page for business here:
  2. Content Marketing – Finding content that is important you your audience and producing it is important. You can find out what content really resonates with your brand by asking current customers, testing out different content themes and media types for example, pictures, video, text.
  3. Paid adverts – When you know what the most important pieces of content are for your brand it’s time to get them out there to a wider audience. Facebook paid adverts do this for you, its relatively cost effective compared to a television or billboard campaign and the reporting on the adverts is next level.

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