Using Google Advertising For Your Business

How can I use Google advertising (called Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords) to help my business?

Google Ads are incredible, and I can’t think of a single business that wouldn’t be able to use them to further their business goals. Below are some pointers in terms of how you can use Google Ads to get in front of the right people that you want to work with.


Ad Format

Knowing the ad format you want to use is incredibly important to creating an excellent Google Ads campaign. There are quite a few, so below we will focus in on a couple of the popular ones we that use. There are search adverts, because everyone searches Google, right? And there are shopping adverts, which are very hot right now. Google also has display advertising, which can be difficult to master. There are more advertising formats, like YouTube advertising and Gmail advertising, which can help your business. How do you choose? Look at your customer: How will they likely be coming across your business? If they are searching actively for a solution, then search or shopping is for you. If you want to garner more passive interest, then it’s probably display that will suit you best.



Google has an extremely sophisticated algorithm, which knows what their user’s intent is. Sometimes it seems to know the user better than the user knows themself! Pick your objective wisely. Google allows you to set targeting to people who are more likely to purchase or to enter their email. If those two things aren’t important right away, then it allows you to set the objective to reach and frequency. It’s silly, though, to set the objective to leads or reach if you want sales. Know your objective.



Search is so OLD but so relevant today. I Google everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. If you Google something and see ads at the top, they are governed by the Google Ads platform. They are the perfect advert for intent-based advertising. If someone types in, “I need a car breakdown service”, and you sell car breakdown services, it’s time to get in front of those people on Google via search. Your competitors surely are.



Shopping is the new young gun on the block. It has been around for a long time but now it’s becoming one of the hottest parts of the overall advertising environment online. When you search for hand cream, the results at the top with the images and prices are the shopping campaigns trying to vie for your attention. It’s reasonably complicated to set up shopping campaigns, but at its basic level you need a Google ads account, a platform to sell on, a merchant centre account to connect the two and products to sell!



Display advertising currently has problems. People are definitely looking less and less at the ads at the side and top of websites that host the Google display network. The thing is, though, the same as always: If you have a catchy advert and it gets in front of the right person, then why not? Why wouldn’t it work? We at PDG primarily use the Google display network for retargeting, but I am sure it can be used effectively for overall display advertising.



Google audiences are awesome for retargeting. You can connect Google ads to your website, and gather all the people who visit into a group and send them ads on YouTube and the display network. These little nudges in the right direction are an excellent progression of the user journey.


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