What do your customers want?

It’s something that we constantly ask ourselves at PDG: What do our customers want?

Step 1 to finding out what customers want is to ask them, and there is no shortcut for this phase.

How to ask your customer varies.

New customers

For a new customer, asking should be within the first 10 minutes of your business conversation, if not in the first 10 seconds. There are so many ways to phrase this question, such as:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. How would you define success?
  4. What do you specifically want from us as a supplier?

Existing customers

Remember, for existing customers, things can change. Their wants today are unlikely to be the same as their wants from last year or, indeed, next year.

Given that, you need:

  1. Regular communication and calibration.
  2. At least a once-monthly alignment to the customer’s goals.
  3. Feedback requests, an email questionnaire or a more personal interaction.

Goals are a never-ending process of change. Your goals and your client’s goals are updating and changing all the time, so keeping on top of that question—”What do you want?”—is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction in the future.


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