What Makes a Great Email?

PDG Advertising, being a digital marketing agency in Belfast, get the opportunity to develop an incredible experience for our customers and their customers, on multiple platforms. One platform is email—and we send a LOT of emails. At our last count, we sent out 10 emails per week to over 400,000 subscribers across the world.

But what makes a great email?

It needs to be read.

There are a couple of barriers to entry before you even send your email. One such is the open rate. That is to say, of your list, how many people are actually opening your email? What we call deliverability and your subject line hugely affect the open rate.


Deliverability is the ability for the email platform to send your email out. At PDG Advertising, we use Mailchimp for email marketing. Mailchimp’s deliverability is about third among its competitors in terms of deliverability. The difference is a couple of percent, and the cost-saving with Mailchimp makes it worth it.

Subject Line

The subject line is what entices a user to open the mail, so make your subject line count. We actually find that usually, less is more when it comes to the subject line. “Discount Inside” or “How did we do?” can work wonders. Don’t overthink it. The beauty of subject lines is that you can test them over time.

So, you have gotten people to open your email… Now what?

Exceptional content

It’s time to create an email with exceptional content!

Having a strong message in the email is important. I believe there are two types of email: a digest newsletter version and a high-impact version.

A newsletter email is powerful, and at PDG Advertising we can see that newsletters are responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in revenue in any given week. These emails are a collection of news stories about your business, something that the user can read at their leisure.

High-impact single message emails are also powerful, perhaps even more powerful than newsletters. We usually leave them until we have an exceptional offer—a news story that we want to get out to our audience or a competition that we want to run.


If you want more from your emails, such as entries, conversions and sales, don’t count on getting them without the right call-to-action.

We want all of our readers and customers to buy or use the services. Having a call-to-action to direct them to an offer or product on your website is the best way to help guide them there. After all, getting both sales and better ROI is key.

At PDG, we encourage our clients to use phrases such as: Sign Up, Shop Now, Get Started and Learn More. By using these simple words, you can turn a good email into a great one.

In short…

Deliverability is important.
Your subject line matters.
The email content is important.
Sometimes you can use a newsletter style.
Sometimes you can use a high impact single message email.
Include a strong call-to-action.

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