What makes a great logo?

We love logos at PDG Advertising! We were asked by Lewis, one of our valued followers on Instagram, “What makes a great logo?”

Logos are a part of the identity of a business. They take a long time to create, and must visually speak to what the business is all about.

Creating your logo can be an agonising process. I wrestled first over the Peter Doak Global Logo and then, subsequently, the PDG Advertising logo. Let me show you that evolution:






The old logo and name of the business were made to reflect the state of the business at that time. I believe the new one does as well, but the new logo, along with the icon, will not last forever.


Logos evolve


Let’s look at one of the most famous logos in the world: the Apple logo.



This logo has evolved from being one that is pretty difficult to decipher to one that is instantly recognisable across the world.

One of our customers has a logo that we had a lot of influence in changing. The logo had fine text in it, so we did some user testing on it and found that people couldn’t actually read the writing on the logo, rendering it useless.

A great logo

That’s all great, Peter, but how do we know we have a really great logo?

  1. It needs to be appropriate for the medium it’s on. There is no point in having a white logo against a white background—you can’t see it.
  2. It should speak to who you are and what you do.
  3. Keep the writing to a minimum.
  4. The logo should be on-brand, using your brand colours and font.
  5. It shouldn’t be a copy of anyone else’s—this is your logo.
  6. It should be clear and easy to see and read.
  7. Circular logos are popular today.

One final hint

We’ll let you in on a secret about creating your logo: Don’t stress too much about it. In all likelihood, your logo will evolve with time. What you have today will not be what you will have in five years’ time, so rest easy in knowing that you can always change it.


Thank you to Lewis for this question! I hope my response added value to you.


Speak soon.


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