Why Facebook Adverts Are Incredible In Northern Ireland

PDG Advertising, being a digital marketing agency in Northern Ireland, using Facebook Ads hourly, get the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. There’s no doubt that Northern Ireland is a unique place—from our creativity to our links with the whole Island of Ireland and the United Kingdom, we are diverse in our opportunities here.

How do Facebook and Instagram ads work here in Northern Ireland? We say well, and we have the evidence to prove it. You can do a lot with a small budget and much more with a big budget.

Here are some ways in which ads work in Northern Ireland.

Everyone knows someone.

Northern Ireland is relatively small to the rest of the world, and we all know someone else. It’s likely that when you boost a post here in Northern Ireland, friends of your fans will see the post more easily than in locations with a higher population. Facebook actually highlights this with “Your friend Jamie likes this business” at the top of the advert/post. This social proof is worth its weight in gold.

Everyone uses either Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook Ads Manager covers both Facebook and Instagram. It’s now more unusual to find someone who isn’t on Facebook or Instagram than someone who is. My mum is even on Facebook. (Peter)

We have incredible targeting options.

On Facebook, you can target right down into a postcode. So if you wanted to target Belfast or Portadown only, you could. Interest targeting is incredible as well. You can find people who are actually interested in your product, in your area, and target them alone. This is something you definitely cannot do in radio, tv or newspaper marketing.


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